An anti Snapchat production

Turning Engineering Into Art

Over the years, we have thoroughly enjoyed being photographed for different campaigns, where one idea has been crazier than the next. We have also received loads of positive feedback about the results. This time around, we felt we wanted to do something different; to go against today’s use-and-toss trend. With all due respect to Snapchat, we want to stand up for quality and sustainability to be more in sync with KGB.

A consultancy firm is only as good as the people who work there. It is our opinion that our consultants are the best, and we would therefore like to present them in the best possible way – by painting their portraits on canvas in a classical style. Because we are so humble, we are also taking this opportunity to celebrate every consultant with a personal video introduction. We hereby present our Electrical Engineer, Eivind Aase.

Welcome to a sustainable future with KGB.

Below is the result of the painted portrait of Kgb's Electrical Engineer Eivind Aase